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  • On June 24, 2019, during the treatment of Saini, wife of Bablu of Dugda, died.

In the case of the death of Soni Kumari, wife of Bablu Singh, a resident of Bokaro, Dugda, during treatment at Chakraborty Nursing Home, a two-member team formed by the Director Head, Health Directorate, Ranchi, reached Dhanbad on Thursday. Bablu Singh has accused Chakraborty Nursing Home of being negligent in treating his wife. The team includes Deputy Director of Health Directorate Dr. Krishna Kumar and Dr. Vijay Bihari Prasad. The team first went to the CS office at Court Raid.

Took information about the whole matter from Civil Surgeon Dr Gopal Das. Complainant Bablu Singh was also present when the investigation team was called. Deputy Director Dr Krishna Kumar said that the CS report has been investigated in the matter. After hearing Dr D Chakraborty’s side in the matter, the investigation team will hand over its report to the Director Head of the Directorate of Health.

What’s the matter: On 7 June 2019, Bablu Singh admitted his wife to Chakravarty Nursing Home for treatment. The patient was treated till June 11. Bablu alleged that due to negligence in treatment, the patient’s condition became critical. After this he was referred to BGH. Medica was again referred from BGH to Ranchi. After investigation in Medica, it was told that there has been negligence in the treatment of his wife. The patient can die at any time.

The wife dies on June 24. Bablu complained about the matter to the then Deputy Commissioner. On December 21, the Deputy Commissioner asked ADM Law and Order and CS to submit the investigation report within a week. In this case, Bablu had lodged an FIR at Bank More police station.

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