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  • Bihar’s Youth Befriended With Starmaker App, Called To Delhi On The Pretext Of Marriage, Threatening To Kill The Girl For Two Days

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Rape accused Firoz Rai Alam.

Hoshangabad. A divorced woman from Hoshangabad city was raped by a youth from Bihar in Delhi’s Stabila Hotel. Threatening to kill the 5-year-old girl, the accused repeatedly tortured the woman for two days. For 19 days after the incident, the victim woman gave a written complaint to the countryside police station Hoshangabad. The police registered a case against the accused Firoz Rai Alam father Suresh Rai Alam resident Alapur Siwan Bihar on zero under rape and other sections. The case diary will go to Basant Bihar police station in Delhi as the place of incident is from Delhi.

According to the information, a 32-year-old divorced woman is a resident of Hoshangabad city. He has a 5 year old daughter. Four months ago in March 2020, the accused Firoz Rai Alam befriended the woman with the social media platform’s Stormmaker app. The accused trapped her in his love trap. Asked to get married, he was called to Delhi. On June 22, the woman reached Delhi with her 5-year-old daughter. The young man asked her to have sex with him at the Stabila Hotel. If the woman refused to have a relationship before marriage, then she made a relationship with the woman by threatening to kill her 5-year-old daughter. For two days he tortured the woman. Accused Firoz threatened the victim that if he told anyone, he would make the photo, video viral. On June 24, the woman came to Hoshangabad and out of fear she did not tell anything to anyone. On getting the courage of the people of Hindu organization, on June 10, the woman made a written complaint to the police station. Case registered against the accused.

Chatting and video deleted from woman’s mobile

After the excesses at Delhi’s Stabila Hotel, he deleted all the chatting, photos, videos between the woman and her from the woman’s mobile. so that no evidence can be found. The victim said that Firoz used to tell her that he works in Saudi Arabia. After marriage, only Saudis will settle down.

Case registered against zero, Delhi will send diary

Firoz, a youth of Bihar Siwan, married a woman from Hoshangabad on a social media platform and called her to Delhi on the pretext of marriage. where he raped her. A case has been registered against the accused on zero. The incident took place at Stabila Hotel in Delhi. The case diary will be sent to Basant Bihar police station in Delhi. Surbhi Biltharia, SI, Countryside Police Station Hoshangabad.

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