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Faridabad. Senior Nephrologist Dr. Jitendra Kumar gave information in the awareness program.

Adequate difference in the dose of vaccine is very important to protect against corona. This will develop the body’s ability to fight corona. You can be largely safe from the third wave. This advice was given by Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Senior Nephrologist, Metro Hospital, Sector-16A. In the awareness program, he said that today many people are getting the vaccine from unauthorized sources to avoid long queues due to fear of corona. This has two disadvantages. First, due to lack of sufficient distance, proper antibodies are not made in the body and secondly, they will have to face problems due to lack of vaccine certificate in foreign travel.

Dr. Jitendra Kumar informed that camps are being organized by the Health Department at different places in the city. But due to long queues at vaccination centers, people are resorting to jugaad. Some such mixed vaccine cases have been heard. In this, a person got the vaccine vaccine by visiting a nearby health center about 15 days ago. But no SMS was received on his phone for two days, so after 15 days he got the vaccine of Kovishield in another health center.

Another case came up in Old Faridabad. A person resident of Sector got the first dose of vaccine 10 days ago by going to a nearby center. During this, his Aadhar card was also taken, but he did not get any SMS to get the vaccine, so he went to another center of the same vaccine and got the vaccine given to the health worker as the first dose. Which is against vaccine rules. People should get their vaccine only after registration. Due to which the Vaccine Certificate obtained while getting the vaccine will help them in many important tasks in future. Apart from this, research is still going on on the mixup of corona vaccine. Not many results have come out yet. So it is not right to say anything now. But getting the vaccine in a short interval can have negative effects on health. Because the response of an overall antibody comes only better in the body. If this interval is different from the interval specified by the pharmaceutical company, then the vaccine will not respond. Apart from this, what will be the effect on the kidney, nothing can be said right now.

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