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Noise pollution in Delhi can be overwhelming. If caught doing noise pollution, you may have to pay a fine of one lakh rupees. The Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) is preparing to adopt a strict approach to stop noise pollution in Delhi. For this, DPCC is going to amend the existing fine amount in the case of noise pollution.

After this, a provision has been made to confiscate the polluting plant along with a fine of up to one lakh rupees on any medium causing noise pollution. The DPCC has also ordered action against the noise pollution caused by generator sets. Apart from this, now a provision has also been made to confiscate the plant causing noise pollution.

This proposal of amendment has also been accepted by the NGT. According to the new rule, the amount of fine to be imposed by any person for burning firecracker after the specified time has also been amended. In residential and commercial areas, this amount will be Rs 1000 and in silent zones the amount of fine will be Rs 3000.

According to the new provision of DPCC, if there is a violation of the rules related to bursting of firecrackers in any rally, wedding ceremony or religious festival, then a provision has been made for a fine of 10 thousand on the organizer in residential and commercial areas and up to 20 thousand in silent zone.

If there is a repeat violation of the rules by the organizer in the same designated area, then the amount of fine will be increased to 40 thousand. Whereas in case of violation of the rule more than twice, a fine of one lakh will have to be paid, as well as that fixed area will also be sealed.

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