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In the posh Sainik Colony of the city, people troubled by the water crisis met Chief Engineer Ramjilal along with Corporation Councilor Rakesh Bhadana and told him the problem. The councilor said that since the colony has come under the corporation, people are not getting even water. After listening to the councilor, the Chief Engineer summoned JE Manoj Kumar, ADO Amit Chaudhary and XEN OP Kardam. Said in a stern tone that Xen sir, the public is getting upset.

Now do some work. He said that people should get water. Take necessary steps for this. Satpal Chawla, Gulshan Gaba, Devendra Ahuja, Vikas Wanchoo, SC Chhabra, Jaikishan, Anil Arora, Satish Miglani and many resident corporation councilors along with Rakesh Bhadana arrived from Sainik Colony to meet the Chief Engineer. People made aware of the negligence of the corporation officials. SE Omveer was also present in the meeting.

People said that since the colony has come to the municipal corporation, people are not getting water. For many years the corporation officials could not even solve the water problem. In such a situation, people have had to work with private tankers.

During this, Councilor Rakesh Bhadana asked the Chief Engineer that 5 tubewells were to be installed in his place, but they have not yet been installed. On this the Chief Engineer asked Xen OP Kardam, then Xen said that he does not know. Expressing displeasure over this, the Chief Engineer told XEN that you also know something.

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