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  • In Chandigarh, The Temperature Dropped By 9 Degrees Due To The Cold Air, Cloudy Sky And Light Drizzle In The Late Evening.

ChandigarhA minute ago

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The city remained cloudy on Thursday but it did not rain. file photo

  • Light rain is expected tonight

The temperature in the city has come down due to wind blowing from this morning. It was cloudy on Thursday evening but it did not rain. There was light rain in the evening at one or two places in the city. The weather in the city was affected by rain in Morni and Raipurrani areas and cold air started blowing here too.

According to the weather department, the winds coming from the east side with moisture in the Bay of Bengal have started blowing. Due to this, a weather system is being developed for Friday-Saturday. During this, there may also be drizzle with strong winds. After this, with the strengthening of the weather system on July 11-12, the monsoon will become active again. There is a possibility of normal or above normal rain during this period.

The day’s maximum temperature in the city is expected to be 38 degrees and the minimum is expected to be 30 degrees. On Saturday, the maximum temperature can be 38 degrees and the minimum is 28 degrees. On Sunday the sky may be cloudy and it may rain. The maximum temperature during the day can be 35 degrees and the minimum temperature can be up to 28 degrees.

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