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Faridabad. Accused arrested with ganja.

If work was not found in the lockdown, then a person became a drug dealer. But his business could not go on for long and the team of Crime Branch Central arrested the accused Neeraj with ganja.

The police got information about this. He was going to give ganja to someone with a scooty. Meanwhile, when the police signaled to stop, he panicked. After this the police got suspicious. When the accused was searched, 1.5 kg of ganja was recovered from the scooty. Crime Branch team arrested him and registered a case against him under NDPS Act at Khedi Pul police station.

During interrogation, the accused told that he got into this business due to no regular work due to the lockdown. The accused had bought ganja from an unknown person from Kosikalan a few days ago in order to earn more money in less time. Some of the Ganja accused himself drank and sold it to some people. After interrogation the accused was produced in the court. From where he was sent to jail.

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