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The facts have been ignored while ordering promotion on CAT.

After the order of the Central Administrative Tribunal issued on November 24, the difficulties of Ram Gopal, the senior most DSP of Chandigarh, who were waiting for promotion, have increased. The UT administration has challenged the CAT order issued for promotion in the High Court. On which the High Court has issued notice to CAT and others and summoned their reply. Let us inform that while filing the petition, it was told on behalf of the UT administration that CAT has ignored the facts while ordering the promotion to DSP Ramgopal.

The UT administration said Ramgopal had challenged the DGP’s September 16, 2017 letter, while filing a petition in CAT, that there was no SP (non-IPS) rank in the city. Ram Gopal had said that at present the post of SP/Deputy Commandant in IRB is vacant and he fulfills all the eligibility criteria for appointment to this post. He is senior to all the DSPs present in Chandigarh and as such he should be appointed to the post of SP through promotion.

Also all benefits should be given. In this case, while giving a verdict in favor of DSP Ramgopal, CAT had issued an order to promote him in 2 months. The UT administration has appealed to the High Court to quash the CAT order issued on 24 November 2020. In the appeal, the administration said that when there is no post of non-IPS SP in the city and the policy of the Punjab government has not yet been adopted for Chandigarh, then how can Ramgopal be appointed to this post by promotion.

After hearing the arguments of the UT administration, the High Court has issued an order to file a reply by issuing notice to DSP Ram Gopal and others including CAT.

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