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After the protest demonstration by the people, Powercom had assured to provide uninterrupted power supply in the district. After assurance, the supply was fine for two days, but now it is again the same condition. There are power cuts several times a day. There is power failure for about 5 to 5 hours. In such a situation, people are facing a lot of trouble.

Reena, a resident of Kharar, told that she has two sons and both have to start online classes from 8 in the morning. But at night there are so many cuts of electricity that even mobile phones are not able to charge properly. In such a situation, many times the mobile phones of children get turned off in the middle. Because of this, the affected are getting affected.

Babita, a resident of Janata Colony said that if we talk about 24 hours, then there are many cuts in the day. Sometimes the light does not come for hours and sometimes small cuts are made. Like this morning the light went out at 9 am, then it came around 11 am. After that she went at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and came after about 15-20 minutes.

In the same way again in the evening there was a cut for a few minutes. On Thursday night there were 3 to 4 cuts. As soon as the AC was turned on, the light went off. Then after running the fan, the light would come on after sometime. When I turned on the AC again, after running for a while, the light would go off again.

That is, this eye of lightning keeps running throughout the day and night. Because of which everyone gets upset. Due to this many times the answer is also given on the inverter and there is a problem of drinking water in the morning.

On calling the complaint number, the answer is that the cut is from behind.

For redressal of electricity related complaints of the people, 29 complaint handling bikes have been deployed by Powercom for Mohali circle. For this, Powercom had signed an MoU with a multi-national company in France. Whose job was to bring Lens Birx to the field with modern tools.

There are two technicians on the team of this one bike. Along with this there was a big van on which there was a team of 7 experts and expert people. Those who immediately after receiving the complaint went to that area and found the fault and got the electricity supply started for the people. The MoU was signed with this company in 2018. But now it is not known where this team is.

By default, people call on Powercom’s consumer complaint number 1912, but at first the phone is not easily available due to the busyness of the phone and even after trying many times, then the same answer is received that there is a cut from behind, register your complaint. has been done.

The light will come soon. In response, a message is also sent to the complainant on his mobile number.

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