Emma Stone revs up excitement in first teaser for ‘Kinds of Kindness’

Emma Stone and Yorgos Lanthimos tease dynamic collaboration trailer.

Emma Stone and director Yorgos Lanthimos, fresh off their Oscar-winning collaboration, reunite for another highly anticipated film.

The actress, who clinched the Best Actress Academy Award, leads an ensemble cast including Margaret Qualley, Hunter Schafer, Jesse Plemons, Willem Dafoe, Joe Alwyn, Hong Chau, and Mamoudou Athie in the debut teaser for Kinds of Kindness.

In the 46-second clip, she kicks off the narration with a sense of anticipation, declaring, “This is it… the moment of truth,” as she speeds out of a parking lot in a purple Dodge Challenger.

The teaser remains dialogue-light until the end, where Stone’s character pulls into a motel lot, asking, “Isn’t it wonderful?”

Set to the backdrop of Eurythmics’ iconic track Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), the remainder of the teaser offers glimpses of scenes from the upcoming film.

In one scene Emma is captured near a car. Positioned nearby is a wheelchair-bound woman, hinting at a recent hospital escape or potential kidnapping plotline.

Willem Dafoe displays a range of emotions throughout the teaser, from tortured and pensive to his trademark maniacal laughter.

Emma and Lanthimos are reportedly in discussions for their fourth collaboration, considering a remake of the South Korean film Save the Green Planet.

The highly anticipated film, Kinds of Kindness, is set to premiere on June 21 in theaters.

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