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Student organization ABVP hoisted the tricolor at different 6275 places. ABVP State Minister Vishal Verma said that innumerable heroes had fought in the freedom struggle to free the country from the chains of slavery.

Remembering all these sacrifices, 75 years of independence was felt as a historic festival for the country. To celebrate this historic festival, the activists of the Vidyarthi Parishad were continuously working in many district villages of Himachal Pradesh to make them aware of the cause of the nation while motivating the common society.

The evil forces trying to break the unity and integrity of the country have also become active, who were threatening the big leaders and eminent persons of the country not to hoist the tricolor. The Vidyarthi Parishad has destroyed the nefarious designs of Khalistanis and anti-nationals by hoisting the tricolor in 6275 places of the state at the same time.

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