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Sukhna’s Regulatory End: A Respite From The Heat

  • 13 days before the announcement of monsoon, 106.7 mm of rain fell, in 18 days after arrival only 23.2 mm of rain

Monsoon was announced on 13th June. But since then the monsoon has been such that only 35.4 mm of rain has fallen so far. At the same time, the Messam Department is still not ready to accept that the announcement of monsoon was hasty. According to the department, in view of the circumstances going on during that time, the department had made an official announcement of the onset of monsoon.

Now the Mass Department has expressed the hope of some relief on Thursday-Friday. The direction of the winds has started changing, due to which there will be some relief from the hot winds. There may be drizzle with strong winds on Friday. Monsoon will be active only after July 10.

  • Wednesday’s maximum temperature was 40.2 degrees
  • Tuesday night’s minimum temperature was 29.5 degrees
  • The moisture content in the air was 71%

After the declaration of monsoon, the graph of rain kept on decreasing

  • 1 to 13 June: 106.7 mm of rain till the declaration of monsoon
  • From June 13 to June 30: After the declaration of monsoon, till June 30, rain: 23.2 mm
  • 12.2 mm from July 1 to July 7

Monsoon will be active again due to cyclonic winds with moisture in the Bay of Bengal. Upper Air Circulation Area is coming up in Jharkhand. Cyclonic winds are developing with moisture from the Bay of Bengal, which will show its effect from Uttar Pradesh to Punjab.

The effect of these winds will be seen between July 10 and 15. According to the Mass Department, the monsoon will be active from the beginning. The temperature will drop, but the humidity will rise. Of course, this time the monsoon is delayed, but the monsoon department is still treating it as normal.

Monsoon came late due to lack of weather system

The reason for the delay in monsoon was that the wind conditions were not becoming favorable over the Bay of Bengal. Was not helping in making any weather system. Due to this the monsoon became active on 13th June, after which it weakened. DP Dubey, Mass Expert

It will be like this in future

  • Thursday: Partly cloudy sky. No respite from the heat is expected. The maximum temperature of the day can be 41 and the minimum temperature is 30 degrees.
  • Friday: Cloudy days. It may rain with strong winds. The maximum temperature of the day can be 39 and the minimum temperature is 29 degrees.
  • Saturday: Cloudy days. There is a possibility of rain. The day maximum temperature can be 35 and the minimum temperature can be 29 degrees.

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