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Countries around the world have become concerned about the United Nations report on global warming. Space research organization NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission has found that coastal cities will be submerged in water in the next 8 decades. Although Bhavnagar is at an altitude of 24 meters above sea level, there is no danger, but only 20 km from Bhavnagar, Ghogha is not even a little above sea level, so there is no danger of recirculation of sea water on Bhavnagar, but Ghogha is on.

Regarding this research, Dr. Bharat Pandit (an environmentalist and retired professor of Bhavnagar University) says that given the height of Bhavnagar 24 meters (78 ft) above sea level, even though the water level in the sea is one and a half to two meters (1.5 to 2 meters). 6 feet) it will still not harm Bhavnagar but if Ghogha (is at sea level) and Dholera are below sea level, water will spread in this area.

The height of Diu, Veraval and Porbandar is not higher than the sea level so there is a possibility of water spillage. The Survey of India in India has recorded the height above sea level of each city based on years of study. Which can be easily read on the board at the railway station. For example Bhavnagar is at an altitude of 24 meters or 78 feet above sea level. From these two surfaces the surface is calculated by its average then the height of that city is measured from this surface.

For example the city of Bhavnagar is situated at an altitude of 24 meters (78 ft) above sea level. Palitana Dungar has an elevation of 2221 meters (7288 ft) above sea level. Dr Bharat Pandit said that the distance between Bhavnagar and Ghogha is only 20 km and both are visible at the same point in the satellite image so NASA considered Ghogha as Bhavnagar and predicted that Bhavnagar would be submerged.

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