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The Punjab and Haryana High Court Construction Committee has ordered the formation of the chamber.

The High Court has ordered the Municipal Corporation and the district administration to set up chambers for lawyers. In view of the problem of lawyers’ chamber in Sector 12 court premises, Justice Ajay Tiwari, Chairman of Punjab and Haryana High Court Construction Committee, Faridabad District and Sessions Judge YS Rathore, DC Yashpal Yadav, Municipal Corporation Chief Engineer Ramjilal, Faridabad Bar Association President Bobby Had a virtual meeting with Rawat, General Secretary Narendra Sharma. In which the topic of new chambers and multiple parking for the lawyers was discussed.

It was told in the meeting that about 3000 lawyers practice in Faridabad. But only 700 chambers remain. There is no proper seating arrangement for the rest of the lawyers, where they can do their work smoothly. During the meeting, the Chairman of the Building Committee, Justice Ajay Tiwari said that a new building is to be constructed in the judicial complex, which is to be built by demolishing the Bachat Bhawan. For this, the seats of lawyers also have to be removed. He said that before the lawyers whose seats would be removed during the construction of the new building, new seats should be created for them by the construction committee or administration. Only then can their seats be broken. The Justice has ordered the DC and the Chief Engineer of the Municipal Corporation to report about this in the next meeting.

Most of the lawyers sit in the tinshed

Advocate Narendra Sharma, general secretary of the bar, said that most of the lawyers practicing in the court do not have a separate chamber to sit. In such a situation, lawyers sit in front of the court in the tinshed itself and work in some way. He told that Faridabad is the largest bar association of the state. Despite being an industrial city, there is not even adequate seating arrangement for lawyers. The Punjab and Haryana High Court was informed about this. He expressed hope that in the coming days, the High Court will get the chamber constructed for the lawyers here.

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