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Field Hostel located in Sector-6.

  • HSVP to prepare 12 suites in field hostels

Now the facility of suite rooms of five star hotels will also be available in the field hostel of HSVP located in Sector-6. In fact, 12 suite rooms will be made in the field hostel and work has been started for this. These rooms will be made on all three floors of the hostel.

The special thing will be that the booking of those suite rooms will be done through the Chief Administrator’s office of HSVP. Apart from this, booking of some suite rooms will also be done online so that common people will also be able to enjoy them. A complete decision is yet to be taken on the charges for the suite rooms and how the online booking will be done.

Renovation work will be done at a cost of Rs 98 lakh

The renovation work of field hostel will be done by HSVP at a cost of Rs.98 lakh. Both the hostel dormitories will also be renovated. Apart from this, there will also be renovation of two dozen rooms there. The mess, which has been closed for a long time, will also be run so that the people staying there can get food.

XEN Ashok Rana informed that the renovation work of HSVP Field Hostel is going on. About Rs 98 lakh will be spent on renovation. In which 12 suite rooms will be made, which will have facilities equal to five stars. The mess, which has been closed for a long time, will also be run.

Civil surgeon office evacuated

Last year during the Corona period, the Civil Surgeon’s office was shifted to the field hostel. The Civil Surgeon Office was vacated by HSVP. Apart from this, the office of the Vidhan Sabha including the retired judge in the hostel room was also vacated so that the renovation work of those rooms could be done.

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