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Kolhan DIG Rajiv Ranjan Singh came to the city before giving the charge.

  • Inspector Anjani Kumar, who arrested Sudhir Dubey, honored

Kolhan DIG Rajiv Ranjan Singh came to the city on a tour before giving the charge. He rewarded many policemen including DSP CCR ​​Animesh Gupta, DSP Kamal Kishore, who did better in the campaign against drug addiction, and Inspector Anjani Kumar, who arrested the gangster Sudhir Dubey. Said – It is natural to have crime in the city, but it is a big challenge to catch the criminals.

The district police has caught the criminals of crime that happened during my one year and two months tenure in Kovid. Organized crime needs to be curbed by the police as well as the traders. Traders who use criminals for profit, hide them from the police and give them levies. This boosts the morale of the criminal and one day the criminal dominates the businessman. The traders will also have to help the police to eliminate it from the root.

Instead of taking advantage of the criminal, appealed to the police to cooperate. DIG said – Every day is a challenge for the police. He needs to be alert all the time. Said to pay more attention in Naxal area. Said – Where Naxalites have ended or such Naxalites who are connected with the mainstream. The police can contact them and get help. Jamshedpur had the highest number of arrests in the campaign against drug addiction.

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