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Police talking to electricians.

People troubled by power cut in Punjab are now turning violent. Such a case has come up in Jalandhar. Here some people beat up the employee posted at Buta Mandi Complaint Center. There was no light in his area and the center number was also busy. After which two people reached the complaint center and asked the employee to turn on the light at the same time. When he told that there is a fault and is correcting it, the accused attacked him and started a scuffle. The mobile of the complaint center was also snatched away. On coming to know about this, the rest of the employees reached there and intervened and resolved the matter. Police was called on the spot and complaint has been given.

Electrician Manpreet Singh.

Electrician Manpreet Singh.

The electrician said – in this way we are in danger of life, how will we go to duty and home at night?

Manpreet Singh, an employee of Buta Mandi Complaint Center, said that suddenly the lights of the area went off at midnight. As soon as the lights went off, people started getting calls in the complaint center. This made the mobile busy. Then two people came there and said to turn on the electricity. He said it was just a complaint center. My job is to forward the electricity complaint and tell the time of the light coming on. When he remained adamant, I said that there is a fault in your line, which is being corrected. At this they got angry and started scuffle. Not only this, he also picked up the mobile and said that when there is no call on it, then why keep it? Then the rest of the comrades came and saved him. He said that power cuts are not in our hands but it is difficult to work in such conditions. How do we go home for night duty and then in the dark? This will put our lives in danger.

Furious employees said – if action is not taken, they will picket

A large number of employees reached there as soon as they came to know about the assault on the electrician. He said that the power cuts are being imposed from behind. We have nothing in our hands. If we are attacked like this then how will we work? Police should deal strictly with such people or else we will be forced to stage a dharna. At the same time, the police say that those people have been called to the police station. The matter will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken.

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