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  • Sector-14 resident Mohit had put an ad on 99

If you want to avoid cyber fraud, then neither you share your Google Pay UPI ID with any unknown nor do any transaction on Google Pay with any unknown person. Mohit Kumar of Sector-14 had put an ad on 99 to rent out his flat in Rohtak. At 5 pm on May 4, he was called from Ahmedabad by a person named Ravi Kumar and he identified himself as an army man. He said that he wants to take her flat on rent.

After agreeing on the flat rent amount between the two, the thug, who pretended to be an army man, took the complainant Mohit’s Google Pay number and sent him one rupee for confirmation. When one rupee was deposited in Mohit’s account, he informed the accused.

Within a minute, he withdrew 60 thousand rupees from the complainant’s account in three different transactions by doing 20-20 thousand and his message also came on the complainant’s mobile. When he called the accused, his number was switched off.

The victim immediately got the bank account blocked. The victim told that his father is in the army and the accused identified himself as a resident of Delhi and posted in the army in Ahmedabad. Also he said that his transfer posting is going to be in Rohtak so he wants to take his flat on rent.

Being himself from the army family, the victim trusted the accused. After this, the thug wrongfully took 60 thousand rupees from his bank account. Police have registered a case under sections 406 and 420.

Complaint given two months ago

Victim Mohit Kumar told that it has been more than two months since the complaint was given to the police. The system of the police shows that after two months the case was registered and after that there is no guarantee that the money will be received or not.

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