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  • Father son Took Two Laborers Hostage In Money Transaction, Took Away Machinery Worth 20 Lakhs

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  • Pandesara police arrested father-son, machinery and other items recovered

In the Tulsidham Society of Pandesara, late on Monday, July 5, two artisans were tied up in the embroidery factory and with the help of a father-son crane, they took away goods worth Rs 20.29 lakh, including two machines and computers, in the truck. Factory owner Arun Pathak had lodged a complaint in this matter at Pandesara police station.

The police had investigated with the help of CCTV cameras installed nearby. Inspector MN Kataria of Pandesara police station and his team have arrested Jeetlal son Magau Pal and his son Manoj Pal. The police have produced them in the court and have taken them on remand for 2 days. The police is investigating the role of Bholasingh in this case.

had taken more than 4 lakh rupees instead of one and a half lakh

According to the information, accused Manoj had started the factory on rent in Dindoli. The police have recovered both the stolen machines, computers and items from here. Jitlal Pal and son Manoj Pal, a native of Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh, had talked to learn the business of embroidery.

Arun Pathak taught work by keeping Manoj with him. Arun Pathak had borrowed Rs 1.50 lakh from Jeetlal. Arun Pathak had gradually paid Rs 4.17 lakh to Manoj. There was a dispute between the two in the transaction of money.

The matter of the transaction had reached the office of Bholasingh Jaiswal in Pandesara. Bholasingh called Arun Pathak to his office and got the account of 29.50 lakhs. When Arun Pathak refused to give the money, the accused had said that either give money or make a partner in the factory, otherwise we will take away all the machines. Police is registering a complaint and investigating further.

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