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  • 20 Lakh Rupees Cheated From Textile Trader In Salabatpura; Threatened To Kill For Demanding Money Back

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A case of cheating has been registered against four people by the cloth merchant at Salabatpura police station. Together, the four cheated the victim cloth merchant of 20 lakh rupees. The aggrieved cloth merchant has registered a case against the accused businessman and cloth broker at Salabatpura police station.

According to police sources, Mamtaben Jayeshbhai Shyamjibhai Vachani, a resident of Causeway Road Singanpore, is a cloth merchant. He has a shop in Sagar Textile Market on Ring Road. The victim told that the four accused are acquaintances of her husband’s friend.

Taking advantage of this, he got 20 lakh rupees from the aggrieved cloth merchant between 16 June 2021 and 22 June 2021 on cloth credit. After the completion of the time period, when the victim demanded money, the thug threatened to kill her by abusing her and closed the shop and fled. Police have started advance investigation in this case.

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