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  • On the complaint of the victim, a case of section 406, 420 was registered in Chandimandir police station.
  • In 14 transactions, the victim deposited Rs 97,500 in the account of the manager of the accused.

A person was cheated of Rs 97,500 in the name of installing a mobile tower. The victim lodged a complaint with the Chandimandir police station. Based on the complaint, the police registered a case under sections 406 and 420. Darshan Singh of Shyamtu village told that he saw an advertisement for installing a mobile tower on the vacant land and the roof of the house. Called on the mobile number given in the advertisement.

On calling, the person in front gave his name as Deepak Raj Singh. After the victim talked to the accused, he got confidence in his words and talked to him about getting a mobile tower installed. But when the victim suspected the accused, he immediately complained about the matter to Chandimandir police station.

On the basis of the complaint, the police have registered a case under sections 406 and 420 on Thursday. After registering the case, now the police has started investigation. So that the accused can be caught as soon as possible.

The accused gave the bank account of his manager

The accused first asked to WhatsApp the detail ID of the victim and his wife, which was sent by the victim. After that, in the name of registration, the accused gave the bank account of his manager Nirmal Kumar and asked to deposit Rs 1100 in it.

In lieu of getting the tower installed, according to the accused, the victim deposited a total of Rs 97,500 in 14 times in Nirmal Kumar’s account between May 11 and May 26. Meanwhile, due to the delay in installation of the tower, there was an argument over phone between the victim’s wife and the accused. On May 31, the accused called the victim and asked her to deposit Rs 6,000 more and after that the mobile tower would be installed.

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