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The father of the deceased has accused the son’s friends of murder. (File photo: Suraj Rai)

A youth lost his life after being shot at a bachelor’s party in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday night. The father of the deceased alleges that his friends killed him and fled leaving the body in the hospital. Police have started interrogation by taking two friends into custody in the case.

Suraj Rai, a resident of Lajpatnagar B-209 in Sahibabad, had gone to his friend Himanshu’s house on Tuesday night. Himanshu was to get married today i.e. on Wednesday, so he had organized a bachelor’s party for friends at home. It was attended by Himanshu, Sooraj, Hari Om, Vicky and some other friends. It is said that during this time everyone drank heavily and after that suddenly a bullet was fired over some issue. The bullet hit Suraj’s stomach and he started suffering there. In a hurry, Himanshu and his other friends took him to Max Hospital in an injured condition and ran away leaving him in the emergency ward. There Suraj died.

Friends drank a lot at the party.

Friends drank a lot at the party.

Father’s charge – killed the son
Suraj’s father Vinod Kumar Rai alleges that his friends misled him by calling him. Told that Suraj is present at the police post, while it was not so. The father of the deceased has filed a complaint against his friends Himanshu Sharma, Hariom Tyagi, Vicky Singh and others in the police station Sahibabad, accusing him of murder. Police said that in this case two friends of the deceased Suraj are being interrogated by taking them into custody. Sahibabad CO said that there was joyous firing in the bachelor party. It has come to the fore due to bullet injuries. A case has been registered against three people. The interrogation of the accused is going on.

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