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  • People Are Getting Money From Objectionable Photo videos, So Far More Than 450 Complaints

face2 hours agoAuthor: Durgesh Tiwari

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  • Students, politicians and big businessmen are included in such traps.
  • Many people are reaching the police after losing lakhs of rupees
  • More than 60 cases have even reached the cyber police.

These days, after making friends on social media in the city, the matter of trapping people through video calls is coming to the fore. Actually, after removing your objectionable photos or videos in the name of friendship, money is demanded by blackmailing you. So far more than 450 cases have been reported. Of these, there are 60 such big cases on which cybercrime is eyeing.

According to the police, the cases of sextortion have increased significantly in the recent past. However, such cases are rarely registered. People avoid registering these cases to avoid embarrassment. This is the reason why people go on giving money to the person in front, by the time the matter reaches the police, it is too late.

So far, 450 people have applied for such cases in different police stations. According to the police, from students to politicians and big businessmen have also fallen in such a trap and have lost lakhs of rupees.

In this case, the police has raided many times in other states as well, but no clue has been found. Now the police is going to start an awareness campaign to save them from such cases. In this, people will be told how to save themselves from this type of fraud.

These are just some statistics…people don’t even complain to avoid embarrassment

  • The 55-year-old businessman had received a friend request on social media in the month of January. After accepting, there was talk on video call. Coming to the bluff, the businessman shared his objectionable picture. Taking advantage of this, the woman asked for money. The businessman gave Rs 1.20 lakh, then got upset and complained to the police.
  • A 19-year-old student also got a request. He shared his number. After this there was a video call between them. After this, the objectionable video of the young man was recorded and threatened to share it with his family and friends. After this, the young man sold his mobile, bike and gave 70 thousand rupees.
  • In the month of June, a BJP councilor has also fallen into such a trap. He has also lost money by doing the same on social media. Actually, he came to know when a pornographic video went viral. However, he had to bear the brunt of it. Because in this case he was suspended from the party.

What to do if you are stuck, is telling cyber expert Dr. Snehal Vakilana

  • You post from your account that someone is blackmailing you by tampering with your photo and using it in porn videos.
  • After this, by adding a link to the account from which the blackmail is being done in your post, ask people to be alert as well as report the account.
  • After this, lock your profile and unfriend the person in front and report that account and block it.
  • If you have also joined the messaging application, then you should report the screen shot of the chat between the two in which the video is not visible, by going to the help center of social media.
  • The advantage of this will be that he will no longer be able to share such videos with anyone. But do make a complaint to the police immediately.

What the police say, you deactivate your account for 7 days
In this regard, a policeman said that after locking the profile, if the blackmailer has been reported on social media, then de-activate your social media account for at least 7 days. Also, for the sake of caution, keep the mobile number switched off if possible. Because such people can call you from different numbers. the

But the police believe, it is very difficult to catch the accused in such cases.
Police said that it is difficult to catch people in such cases. Video calls through social media and the use of dummy SIM cards can neither reveal the correct name nor the correct location. In this case many times the police have returned empty handed from near Bharatpur in Rajasthan. According to the police, these days due to dummy sim, such cases have increased a lot.

People do not come for fear of slander: In such cases people do not come to register the case from the front for fear of slander. Fearing to lose respect in the society, they go on giving money to the person in front, eventually getting fed up they have to take the help of the police again.

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