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  • Chandigarh Mahila Congress Workers Expressed Their Protest By Frying Pakodas In Water And Said That The Modi Government Is Putting The Burden Of Inflation On The Public.

Chandigarh18 minutes ago

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Women workers of Congress in the city today protested against inflation and fried pakodas in water. Photo Lakhwant Singh

On behalf of the women Congress workers of the city, there was a strong protest against the central government today. Women today registered their protest by frying pakodas in water and said that the way the prices of petrol, diesel and LPG are being increased by the government, the common man is left upset.

protested by frying pakodas in water

protested by frying pakodas in water

Deepa Dubey of Mahila Congress said that there has been a sudden rise in the prices of mustard oil and LPG in the country, due to which it has become difficult for people to cook their own food at home. He said that the Modi government of the country is working to benefit big companies, which are charging people the price of things arbitrarily.

On behalf of the Mahila Congress, in front of the houses of the people in Sector-38, a protest was held against the government and their protest was expressed by frying pakodas in water. He said that today pakodas are being sent to the Prime Minister of the country by frying them in water. Anger was also expressed over the huge increase in the prices of LPG. The women were holding banners in their hands and raising slogans during the demonstration. The cooking gas was kept upside down.

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