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  • The bike riders were running after seeing the police, one was chased and caught

Burmese police arrested two youths with brown sugar. Vivek Soren alias Kal, who lives near RIT College, and Govind Sahu alias Lalla, a resident of Dindli Road, were sent to jail on Thursday. The police have recovered 28 bags of brown sugar, cash, bike and two mobiles from them. Police station in-charge Raju said – Both were bringing brown sugar from Adityapur on bike. Used to sell it to drug addicts in the area

. On Wednesday night, while patrolling near Gandhinagar, two bike riders started running after seeing the police. followed them. The young man sitting behind on the bike, Vivek had a bag in his hand. Throwing the bag, he started running off the bike. The police chased him and caught him. The bag contained 22 cups of brown sugar. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the youth driving the bike, Govind Sahu alias Lalla, escaped from there. Later the police caught him too.

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