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Faridabad. Helmets were also given as part of the awareness campaign.

A city hospital has started a special campaign in collaboration with the police. This campaign has been named Protect a Head. Sarvodaya Hospital and Research Center along with the police will create awareness in a unique way to wear helmets by giving flowers to the people driving without helmet at major intersections. During this free helmets will also be given to the needy.

According to Dr. Kamal Verma, Senior Neurosurgery Specialist, Sarvodaya Hospital, for many years, we have been seeing patients of brain injury after driving without helmet on two wheeler. In some cases, the injury was so severe that we could not save the patient despite our efforts. The brain is a very delicate part of the body and works to control the whole body. A minor injury in this can prove fatal. So there is a great need for this type of awareness campaign.

Chairman Dr. According to Rakesh Gupta, this awareness campaign started in collaboration with the police will bring down the cases of brain injury. This campaign was started in April, but it was postponed for some time due to the increase in Corona case. While resuming this campaign, two wheelers without helmets near Bata flyover were given flowers in a very polite manner and made them aware to wear helmets. Free helmets were also given to the needy. We want every driver of Faridabad to cooperate in this. More than 20 police personnel of Traffic Police along with SHO Rajeev Kundu along with Dr. Kamal Verma and Dr. Gaurav Kesari participated in this program.

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