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Money was spent on the installation of 9 LED screens around the Morhabadi ground and beautification of the stage.

  • 250 shops will be built to break the 25-year-old market; Night market will be held from 7 o’clock
  • JUDCO blew 140 million on the beautification of Morhabadi Maidan, but Times Square was not built

14 crores were spent on the beautification of Morhabadi Maidan on the lines of Times Square in New York City. During the Raghuvar government, JUDCO spent money on installing 9 LED screens in Morhabadi ground and beautification of the stage, but the common people did not get its benefit. Now once again the exercise of changing the face of Morhabadi ground has intensified. This time the Municipal Corporation will get the grounds beautified. About Rs 5.85 crore will be spent on this. On Wednesday, the Municipal Corporation has floated the tender for beautification of Morhabadi grounds.

Tender will be finalized on 28th July. According to the detail project report prepared by the corporation, there will be no tampering with the ground. A divider will be made on the road from the residence of Shibu Soren to the football stadium on the east side of the ground. A 3 km long cycle track will be built on the road around the ground. Its width will be about 10 feet. Apart from this, 250 shops will be made by breaking the market built 25 years ago behind Durga temple in Morhabadi, which will be allotted to the street vendors there. A night market will be built on one side of Morhabadi ground, which will open after 7 pm and close at 12 pm. To make it attractive, benches will be set up for people to sit with colorful lights all around.

What will happen…

  • Night market will be set up, which will open after 7 pm and will be closed till 12 pm.
  • The vendor will have to take a license from the Health Department following the cleanliness standard.
  • Parking space will be created for vehicles, where 100 four wheelers and 100 two wheelers will be parked.
  • 2 thousand saplings will be planted by doing landscaping, so that the forest can be developed in the middle of the city.
  • Along with attractive decorations, an entertainment zone will be built for the children, swings will be installed in the park for the entertainment of the children.

Bapu Vatika’s boundary will be removed, entertainment zone will be made for children

The boundary around Bapu Vatika built on one side in Morhabadi ground will be removed. Bapu’s statue site will be decorated attractively. Swings will be installed in the park for the entertainment of the children. By spending about Rs 1 crore, pavers blocks will be installed all around, so that dirt is not seen anywhere around the ground. Fast food stalls to be set up here will be arranged.

Urban forest on one side and parking space for 100 vehicles on the other.

A vacant plot near Morhabadi Maidan will be developed as an urban forest. About 2 thousand saplings will be planted here by doing landscaping. In the coming time, the number of people coming here will increase. In such a situation, parking of vehicles should not be the biggest problem, so that a parking lot will be made where 100 four wheelers and 100 two wheelers can be accommodated.

Morhabadi Maidan beautification soon

Morhabadi Maidan is like the lungs of the whole city. Keeping this protected, the DPR for beautification has been prepared. The work will be started from next month. The people of Ranchi will get the gift of the first night market. Morning-evening walkers, including cyclists, will enjoy a different walking experience from vehicles.

-Mukesh Kumar, Municipal Commissioner, Ranchi

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