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  • Electricity Bill For Fan bulb Only Rs 46,950; 10,260 Fines Were Also Paid, The Officers Said – Pay In 15 Days Or Else They Will Lock The House, Sell Toys To Survive

Jalandhar4 minutes ago

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Akali MLA Pawan Tinu reached the house of Divyang couple.

  • Electricity has been cut for 6 months, officers are avoiding giving feedback, Akali MLA Tinu said – will get the matter resolved

In Jalandhar, a case of government ‘oppression’ has come to light on a disabled couple who lived by selling toys. There is neither fridge nor TV in their house nor AC or washing machine. In exchange for just the fan and bulb, Powercom sent him a bill of Rs 46,950 in January. He has been without electricity for about 6 months. After this, someone gave him a direct wire, then the Powercom officers put raid and also imposed a fine of Rs 10,260. Now a notice has been sent to him to deposit the full amount in 15 days, otherwise his house will be sealed. Now the Powercom officers have sat silently on this whole matter.

Elderly couple sitting in a house without electricity.

Elderly couple sitting in a house without electricity.

are handicapped, cannot circumvent officers, living in other’s house

Purshotam and Kashmiris living in village Talhan said that their bill was always sent wrong. More units were put in it. Both of them are handicapped, they cannot go round the officers again and again. Still he went, but it was said that meter reading is taken privately, so he will get it checked. He sells toys near Gurdwara Sahib, where work also stopped. In such a situation, neither could he pay such a high bill nor did Powercom fix it. Because of this now they go to sleep in other’s house. His twelfth pass daughter also has to live in another’s house.

MLA Tinu said – Xen called it the order of the government, take pity Captain Saab

When the family’s trouble was found, then MLA Pawan Tinu from Adampur of Akali Dal reached his house. Tinu said that Xen said on the phone that it is the government’s order, they do not pay bills, disconnect their connection. Now they are saying that if you pay the bill with fine, then you will add the connection. He said that the Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh’s government should take pity on such needy families. It is not humanity to harass the compelled people like this. He said that 25 AC runs in Navjot Sidhu’s house and more than 17 lakh bills were pending, yet the connection was not cut. Why does one department have two laws in a state? He assured that he will help the victim’s family.

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