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  • In Private Hospitals In Gujarat, 11,369 Doses Worth Rs 1 Crore Were Sold In Two Days, With A Service Charge Of Rs 930 A Dose. Feel Of

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Daily target of 20 thousand, but

On Wednesday, the state health department had decided to stop vaccination by taking the excuse of Mamta Day. On this day not a single district or municipal corporation got the stock and suddenly it was announced that vaccination will be stopped for the second two days i.e. on Thursday and Friday also. Vaccination stopped in government health centers, but centers running in private hospitals were not closed and in two days 11369 doses were sold, including 6452 on Wednesday and 4917 by Thursday evening.

On Thursday and Friday also, it was suddenly announced to stop vaccination.

On Thursday and Friday also, it was suddenly announced to stop vaccination.

The cost of the vaccine at each of the private centers is Rs.930 with CoVShield’s 780 and 150 service charge. In this way, people have paid Rs 1.05 crore for the vaccine in private hospitals in two days including both the charges. Maximum 2824 doses have been sold in Ahmedabad. Vaccination was closed on Friday.

Vaccine disorder
Vaccination is mandatory to prevent the third wave of corona and it has also been accepted globally. Politicians and officials are campaigning to get vaccination across the state, now that people have started taking the vaccine, the chaos of the government has started coming to the fore. There is a target to vaccinate 20 thousand people daily in the city, but in comparison, only 4 to 5 thousand people are getting the vaccine. In this too, this target has also been torn apart after the vaccination is stopped for three days.

The queue that started with the second wave is still not taking its name to end
During the second wave of Corona, people’s lives were spent in hospitals for oxygen, waiting for medicines and in the death of relatives, from dead bodies to bone immersion in crematoriums. But this queue of people is not over yet. To avoid a possible third wave of corona, the people of Rajkot are now reaching the centers to get the vaccine, but after the chaos of the administration here, people have to return without taking the vaccine.

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