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At 6 in the morning, an elderly woman walking outside the house in Sunny Enclave was stopped by the snatcher from the first excuse. Where is Amitabh Bachchan’s house? When the woman started talking to him, the accused started snatching the gold chain lying around her neck.

The victim tried to push the accused back, but the accused pushed him down and snatched the gold chain and escaped with the bike rider. When the victim raised an alarm, his family members who were sleeping inside came out and after that the police were informed.

Police have registered a case under IPC 379B in City Kharar against both the unidentified bike-riding snatchers on the statements of the elderly. Surinder Kaur, 70, told that she walks on the roadside outside the house every morning and evening. Even on Wednesday morning, she had left home for a walk at 6 o’clock. Little did he know that a crime would happen to him.

Pushed down and the gold chain snatched from the neck

The old man told that the bike rider asked about the address of Amitabh Bachchan’s house. I said that no one by this name lives here. After this the young man started snatching the gold chain lying around his neck. He pushed the young man backwards, but the accused did not move.

The accused pushed her, due to which she fell on the ground. After this he snatched his chain and started the bike first and ran away sitting behind his companion’s bike.

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