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  • Ghat Establishment From 5.52 To 7.47 In The Morning, Sixth seventh Gupta Navratri Together, Devotees Will Be Able To Worship In Temples

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The festival of Navratri is celebrated four times in a year. In this, Gupt Navratri is celebrated in the month of Magh and Ashadha. During the 9 days of Gupt Navratri, nine forms of Maa Durga are worshiped duly. All the four Navratri that fall in the year are very important for the devotees of Maa Durga.

This time Gupta Navratri will start from today i.e. July 11 and will end on July 18. Today the Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga of the first Navratra is starting. Devotees of Mata Rani worship various forms of Maa Durga during Gupt Navratri. On this day, devotees worship Maa Durga by staying fast or fruitful.

Kalash will be established in the house and temple on Pratipada date. However, now the temple has been given to the devotees. In such a situation, this time people will be able to worship the mother even in the temples. Last year, during the Gupta Navratras, worship in the temples was closed.

Sarvartha Siddhi will happen today
This time Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is being formed on Gupt Navratri, which will remain from 5:31 am to 2:22 pm today and today Ravi Pushya Nakshatra is also falling, which will prove all the work on the establishment of Kalash in Gupt Navratri. . This time Navratri will be of 8 days, because Saptami Tithi has been eroded due to Shashti and Saptami Tithi being on the same day. It is very auspicious at the beginning and end of this Gupta Navratri, which is being formed in Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga. In this Navratri, yoga has become more perfect due to the beginning of worship in Ardra Nakshatra.

setup time

  • Ashadh Gupt Navratri start date – 11 July
  • Pratipada date ends on July 11 at 07:47 am
  • Abhijeet Muhurta – July 11, 12:05 to 12:59
  • Ghat Establishment Muhurta – 11th July from 05:52 to 07:47 in the morning
  • Choghadiya of Labh and Amrit will start from 9:08 am to 12:32 am.
  • Abhijit Muhurta- It will be from 12.05 minutes to 12.59 minutes in a day.

What are Gupt Navratri
Two out of the four Navratras are called direct Navratras because in these household life i.e. common people worship. But there are two Gupta Navratras. In these, usually the seekers worship the sannyasi, the attainer of accomplishment, the tantric-sorcerer goddess. Although all the four Navratras are goddesses of accomplishment.

But during the days of Gupt Navratri, ten Mahavidyas of the Goddess are worshiped, which have special significance in Tantra powers and siddhis. At the same time, 9 forms of Goddess who give things related to worldly life are worshiped in Pravesh Navratri. Ordinary people can also do spiritual practice in Gupt Navratri for the fulfillment or fulfillment of any special wish.

When is Navratri
On the first day today, Ghat will be established on Pratipada Tithi and Goddess Shailputri will be worshipped.

  • On 12th July, the second date will start and there will be a law to worship Mother Brahmacharini Devi.
  • Mother Chandraghanta will be worshiped on the third Navratri on July 13. Maa Chandraghanta blesses her devotees with happiness and prosperity.
  • Maa Kushmanda will be worshiped on the Chaturthi date on July 14. Worshiping Maa Kushmanda gets rid of diseases.
  • There is a law to worship and worship Mother Skandmata on 15th July. Maa Skandmata fulfills all the wishes of her devotees and protects them.
  • Maa Katyayani and Maa Kalratri will be worshiped on the sixth date of Ashadh Gupta Navratri on July 16.
  • Durga Ashtami is celebrated on 17th July and Mahagauri is worshiped on this day. Mahagauri is also known as Annapurna Swaroop.
  • Siddhidatri is worshiped on the ninth day of July 18. All siddhis are attained by worshiping him.
  • Vijayadashami Puja will be held on Dashami Tithi on 19th July.

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