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Bar owner Ganesh Gordwar performing aarti of liquor bottles.

After a ban of 6 years, now the sale of liquor has started again in Chandrapur district. Excited to be allowed to sell liquor, a man has performed aarti of the district’s patron minister Vijay Wadettiwar and bottles of liquor in his ‘bar’. A video of this has also surfaced, this video is becoming very viral in social media.

The video that has surfaced is of a bar and restaurant built in the Green Park area of ​​Chandrapur city. There is also a picture of Guardian Minister Vijay Wadettiwar in the bar. The bar owner first performs Vadettivar aarti and then worships the liquor bottles. Let us inform that after the removal of the ban in Chandrapur, long queues of people are being seen outside the liquor shops.

Worshiped the picture of bar owner Ganesh Gordwar, Minister Vijay Wadettiwar.

Worshiped the picture of bar owner Ganesh Gordwar, Minister Vijay Wadettiwar.

Ganesh Gordwar, owner of the bar, said, “During the last six years, my family and I had reached the brink of starvation. I was paying salaries of employees by selling home ornaments. For us Vadettiwar sahib is no less than God. With his efforts, liquor sales have started again in the city, so I have performed his aarti and worship. We cannot take away this favor from him for the rest of our life.

Liquor worth Rs 1 crore was sold in the last three days
According to the information received from the Excise Department, liquor worth about Rs 1 crore has been sold in the district during the last three days since the liquor ban was lifted. The bar owners had come to the brink of starvation during the last 6 years.

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