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Women carrying swords and sticks came out in special costume in Anandpuri area. Wishing rain to Indra.

To celebrate Lord Indra, tricks are being done in different districts of Rajasthan regarding rain. Similarly, there is a unique tradition in Banswara district. Here women do not celebrate Lord Indra but threaten him. For this, they come out on the streets with swords and sticks. Women threaten Indra Dev to rain, otherwise crimes will increase.

This age old tradition is going on in the Anandpuri area of ​​the district. Where women leave the house wearing men’s clothes to wish for rain. Waving swords and sticks in her hand, she threatens Lord Indra through a special voice. It is believed that through this an initiative is taken to send a message to Indra that people on earth worship the deities. You are the king of those gods. In such a situation, if there is nothing to eat during the drought, then a person will become a robber on earth to feed his stomach. Attacks on each other will increase. Man will become the enemy of man. Therefore, crime does not take birth, people’s perception of the deities does not change. Before this, you rain while maintaining your existence. In Anandpuri, Kalinjra and Sallopat such practice is called ‘Dhad’ in the local language.

Women performing tradition in the tribal-dominated Anandpuri tehsil area.

men live imprisoned in homes
Bhoorji Damor, a resident of Anandpuri, told that in their families, women pray for the wish of rain, but since when are these traditions in practice. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . It is difficult for them to say. Surely it has been 70 years. Whenever there have been drought conditions since childhood, the women of the village come and roam outside the houses in the clothes of men. During this, big ghungroos in the feet and sticks in the hands, or whatever weapon they have. uses it. Its special thing is that during this time the men of the village stay in the houses and do not come in front of the women.

A women's group threatening to rob the bus driver who came out as per tradition.

A women’s group threatening to rob the driver of the bus that came to the fore as per tradition.

Many such incidents have happened due to drought
According to the villagers here, such situations have happened many times in the district. When there is no rain, when there is a drought situation, the incidents of looting in the district increase. At that time it was difficult for the common man to pass through the roads in the wooded areas after dusk. Even by mistake, a vehicle or a common man passed by (especially before the Holi festival) was then robbed. Stones were pelted in the dark to stop the vehicle and the common man.
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