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Chief Justice launched e-Seva at Sabarmati Central Jail.

Gujarat High Court is the first High Court in the country to make its judiciary more transparent and simple. The Gujarat High Court had taken a new initiative to start live telecast of all court rooms. Pleased with this, the Chief Justice of India had said that this initiative will increase public confidence in the judiciary and the transparency of the High Court will be maintained. All the court rooms of the High Court are being telecast live on YouTube.

Chief Justice of the High Court Vikramnath has started e-seva to make the system more simple. All the parties, lawyers and party in person have to upload the documents online in person, they do not need to come to the High Court. They will get the date and order copy, all the information online on the website of the High Court. Gujarat High Court is the first High Court in the country to introduce this type of service.

Chief Justice launches e-service in Sabarmati Central Jail
The High Court has made a new arrangement for the prisoners lodged in the jail. This system has been started in Sabarmati Central Jail. Now any prisoner can apply for parole, furlough or bail from jail itself. For this he will not need the help of any outsider. The help of the Legal Aid Center of the jail will be taken.
All the information will be sent by taking the mobile number or e-mail address of the prisoner’s family. Until the case is over, the computer will update all the information and send it to the prisoner’s family. This service was started at the hands of Chief Justice of High Court Vikramnath in the presence of Additional DG Jail Dr. KLN Rao in Sabarmati Central Jail.

E-mail My Case Status service for prisoners, will be able to know all the status of the case
Prisoners serving sentences in different jails of the state will no longer have to contact anyone to see the status of their cases, such a system will be available. Prisoners will be able to know the status of their case in the jail itself. For this service of the High Court, all the districts of the state will have to register the mobile number along with the e-mail address. Through this e-mail, the cases of prisoners lodged in the jails will be added to the e-mail my case status service. Full details of case date, proceedings etc. will be sent by e-mail.

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