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After the rebuke of the High Court, the operation of Usha Devi, admitted in the Trauma Center of RIMS, will be done on Thursday. His MRI examination has been done. On Wednesday, RIMS Superintendent Vivek Kashyap, Neuro Surgeon, Anesthesia, ENT and Head of Eye Department reached Usha Devi. Told him that all the preparations for the operation have been done. The operation will take place in RIMS only.

  • High court reprimanded in the case of treatment of black fungus patient Usha Devi
  • Asked the RIMS director – can tell by giving an affidavit that the patients of black fungus do not have to bring medicine from outside

The Jharkhand High Court has taken suo motu cognizance of the treatment of Usha Devi of Giridih, who is suffering from black fungus. Chief Justice Dr. The matter was heard on Wednesday in a division bench of Ravi Ranjan and Justice Sujit Narayan Prasad. Court said- CM’s PS says that there is no fund to get the victim treated outside. The family wants to take him to Tamil Nadu. Will now our citizens have to sell land for treatment? Chief Justice said- If I had money, I would have helped that woman.

The court asked the government what arrangements have been made for the treatment of that woman. Asked RIMS Director Kameshwar Prasad – Can you tell by giving an affidavit that black fungus patients are not buying medicines from outside. On this, the director said that there is no complete supply of medicine, so the affidavit cannot be filed. After this, the court asked the government that black fungus has been declared an epidemic, so what is the policy to deal with it. Give information about the steps taken by the government in the affidavit. At the same time, Jhalsa should also tell what he is doing.

The High Court took cognizance of the letter of the victim’s son

The victim’s son had written a letter to the Chief Justice in this regard, requesting to save the mother. On the basis of this letter, the court had taken suo motu cognizance. The son wrote – My mother is battling black fungus. For his treatment, medicines worth 10-10 thousand rupees have to be bought from outside. One of his eyes, nose and part of the brain have been badly affected. Doctors are advising to take him to Tamil Nadu for better treatment. But I do not have enough money to go out and get my mother treated. Appealed to the Chief Minister as well, but his PA said that the government does not have enough money to airlift my mother to Tamil Nadu. The government is not able to help me. I look forward to you during a time of great stress and great anxiety. intervene in this matter.

infection reaches the brain

45-year-old Usha Devi, a resident of Pachamba in Giridih, is suffering from black fungus. On May 17, he was brought to RIMS for treatment. But it took two days to start the treatment. Due to the delay in treatment, the infection has spread completely in one eye. The infection has reached the brain. Seeing the poor condition of the mother, son Gairav ​​and daughter Pooja had sought help from the government.

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