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Munni Devi is being treated at RIMS.

On Tuesday, Parmeshwar Munda injured his wife Munni Devi with a knife in Masiatu Chapadih village of Narkopi police station area. According to the injured wife, the husband is kept in a separate room as his mental condition is not good. But he somehow got out of the room on Tuesday morning and stabbed her with a knife. Munni Devi is being treated at RIMS.

When Munni Devi raised a noise with a knife, the family reached the spot and saved her in some way. Here, on getting information about the incident, Bedo’s police station officer Manish Kumar Gupta reached the hospital and inquired about the incident. The injured woman has two young daughters. At the same time, after this incident, the police is interrogating and investigating the villagers.

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