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MUMBAI: If Hyderabad or Bengaluru was in your travel itinerary last year as a departure or arrival airport, then you would have experienced an on-time performance that is comparable to the best in the world. Of the top three airports ranked for their on-time performance in 2023, two are from India as Hyderabad and Bengaluru airports have bagged the second and third rank respectively in the `global airports’ category, according to 2023 on-time performance rankings released by Ceriumaviation analytics firm, on Tuesday.
A flight is said to be on-time if it arrives or departs within 15 minutes of its scheduled time or arrival/departure, going by the industry-standard definition. On-time performance (OTP) is a valuable metric of reliability, with otp arrivals used to rank airlines and OTP departures used to rank airports. Cirium said it uses “Gate Arrival” to measure the OTP of airlines and airports. The difference between runway and gate arrival times can be anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes depending on the taxi track network of the airport and the congestion on ground.
While the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport-Hyderabad had 84.42% of its flights arrive or depart on-time or within 15 minutes of scheduled arrival or departure for the Kempegowda International Airport-Bengaluru it was 84.08%. “Hyderabad airport’s OTP hasn’t increased year-on-year. It actually decreased by 1 percentage point in 2023 compared to 2022. However the usual winners, Japanese airports, lost ground or declined significantly in OTP in 2023,” said a Cirium spokesperson. .
The global topper was Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in the US with an OTP of 84.44%. The only other Indian airport to feature in the top ten on-time performance list was Netaji Subhash Chandra airport-Kolkata which was ranked ninth, but in the “medium airports” category, which is based on passenger volumes handed. Both Hyderabad and Bengaluru fall in the large airports category.
While none of the Indian carriers featured in the top ten list of ‘Global airlines’ for on-time performance (OTP), IndiGo secured the number eight rank in the low-cost carriers category with 82.12% of its flights on time. In the Asian carriers category, IndiGo was ranked higher at number four position. The top three airlines in the global list with best OTP were Colombia’s Avianca Airlines (85.73%), Brazil’s Azul Airlines (85.51%) and Qatar Airways (85.11%). For the Global airlines category, the top 10% of all passenger airlines by capacity and volume criteria—flights and seats—is taken and the airline must also serve at least three continents. Among the top three Asia-Pacific carriers were All Nippon Airlines (82.75%), Japan Airlines (82.58%) and Thai AirAsia (82.525).

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