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On applying the brakes, the policeman fell on the road and the driver of the car fled from the spot.

In Chandigarh, a car driver did such a hit and run on Thursday that the senses of the policemen and people were blown away. The incident is from Sector 46/47/48/49 Light Point. A traffic policeman fell on the bonnet while stopping the car driver. Then the car driver dragged the policeman to a distance of 500 metres. Where the policeman fell on the road after applying brakes and the car driver fled from the spot.

According to the information received, traffic police personnel Pradeep Kumar, who was giving duty at the light point, has given a complaint to the police. It has been told in the complaint that he was giving duty as usual. A car of Punjab number stopped at the light point. The driver was talking on the mobile phone. He and the person sitting next to him were not even wearing seat belts.

Seeing all this, he reached near the car and asked the driver to put the car on the side, but the car driver tried to run away from the spot. When he started stopping her, the driver tried to drive the car over him. But while defending himself, he fell on the bonnet. But the driver did not bother to stop the car and went on running.

After going about 500 meters ahead, he suddenly applied the brake. He fell down from the bonnet due to braking and the driver fled with the car. People took care of him and gave him water. After this, the complaint of the matter was given to the Sector 49 police station. As soon as the complaint was received, the police registered a case against the unknown driver and started investigation.

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