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Gurgaon. Mayor Madhu Azad holding a meeting with corporation officials and councilors regarding waterlogging problems.

Regular meetings of GMDA, Municipal Corporation, HUDA, PWD and other related departments were being held to ensure that the problem of water logging does not arise in the city during the rainy season. The rounds of meetings were going on for the last two months. Crores of rupees were spent on cleaning the drains. The responsibility of the officers was fixed. Nodal officers were appointed by the administration for all the identified areas, but only in the first rain of monsoon, all the preparations were exposed.

The special thing was that Mayor Madhu Azad’s team was not included in the meeting, but now when the whole world of administration is getting scolded due to waterlogging, the mayor’s anger also erupted. Gurgaon Mayor Madhu Azad held a high-level meeting with the municipal councilors and officials at the local Public Works Rest House on Tuesday, expressing displeasure over the problem of waterlogging in the entire city due to heavy rains on Monday and that such problems should not be solved in future. Yes, clear instructions have been given to the officials in this regard.

It is our responsibility to provide better basic facilities to the public.

The Mayor said that the municipal councilors and officers are one family and we all have accountability towards the people of Gurugram. If the public will get better facilities then the praise will also be of the Municipal Corporation and if the system is bad then the responsibility will also be of the Municipal Corporation. It is our responsibility to provide better basic facilities to the people. All the municipal councilors and officers should work together and whenever the officers go to any ward, they must inform the concerned municipal councilor.

He instructed the officers that by taking lessons from the water logging on Monday and removing the shortcomings, make sure that there is no problem of water logging in future. He clearly said that a proposal would be sent to the higher officials including the Chief Minister of Haryana to take action against the officer and employee who would not show seriousness towards the work. The Mayor told the commissioner that whenever the JE, SDO or XEN is transferred from any ward or division to another ward or division, before that the concerned municipal councilor must be consulted.

The commissioner talked about solving the problem together- On the other hand, Municipal Commissioner Commissioner Mukesh Kumar Ahuja said that whatever shortcomings were there during the problem of water logging on Monday, they will be removed together with the municipal councilors and strict arrangements will be made to ensure that such a problem does not happen in the next rainy season. Reiterating the points of the previous meetings, the commissioner asked all the joint commissioners of the corporation to visit the point wise ground with the corporation councilors and engineers and take action. The corporation commissioner had given the same instructions to the joint commissioners in the meetings held before the rains regarding the preparations for water logging. He had fixed the responsibility of all the Joint Commissioners for making arrangements to deal with waterlogging. But the authorities did not take it seriously, for which the residents of the city had to bear the brunt on Monday.

Demand for ponds and natural drains- Emphasizing on the arrangement of ponds and natural drains made in the Aravalli region, Municipal Councilor Kuldeep Yadav said that wherever possible such arrangements should be made in other areas also. In the heavy rains on Monday, water collected in these ponds and natural drains, which will gradually recharge the ground water. He also suggested making modular harvesting pits.

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