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Instructions are not followed in the bus stand, passengers are not wearing masks

  • Fares increased by 20 to 25 percent in all routes, named as surcharge

Bus fares have been increased by 20 to 25 percent. On Monday, the Jharkhand Bus Association had demanded the Transport Commissioner to increase the fare. The commissioner had fixed July 9 for the meeting on this issue, but before that the Ranchi, Giridih, Dumka and Jamshedpur bus associations have increased the passenger fare by Rs 20 to 50.

Although there has been no increase in bus fare for Dhanbad to Ranchi, but on coming from Ranchi to Dhanbad, the increased fare is being charged. The association and bus operators argue that the price of diesel has increased significantly since the last lockdown. In the second phase, passengers have been allowed to sit according to the seat, but passengers are not available. Have to pay for diesel from home. Due to this the fare has been increased by taxing some surcharge.

Instructions are not followed in the bus stand, passengers are not wearing masks

The administration is worried about the third wave of Kareena, but the instructions are not being followed at the bus stand. From the personnel to the passengers in the stand, they were seen without masks. Bus operators say that passengers are getting ready to quarrel when asked to apply masks. More passengers are also being seen in many short distance buses.

Demand to run interstate bus said – our condition is bad

Jharkhand Bus Association has demanded to run interstate buses. The association says that when interstate trains can run, why can’t buses? The condition of bus operators is very bad.

Transport commissioner called after four days

Talks were held with the Transport Commissioner regarding fare and other issues. After four days, the commissioner has given an appointment. The fare has been increased in the form of surcharge. Once the fare is decided, the same will be implemented.

Sachchidanand Singh, President, Jharkhand Bus Association

The increase in rent is done at the level of the government only.

The decision to increase the fare is taken at the government level. Can’t say anything about this, but the guidelines issued regarding Kovid control will have to be followed at all costs. Action will be taken for non-compliance.

Om Prakash Yadav, DTO, Dhanbad

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