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Suicide note, ring and mobile.

Praveen Kerketta, an ITI student living in a rented house near Chutiya Kamalu Talab, committed suicide. The incident happened late Thursday evening at 7.30 pm. He was alone in the house at the time of the incident. Praveen, 20, was originally from Simdega and was studying in an ITIT institute in Chutia, living in a rented house with his sister-in-law in Ranchi. His sister-in-law had gone out for some work on Thursday evening.

Praveen was alone in the house. When her sister-in-law returned home at around 8 pm, she saw Praveen hanging from the noose in the room. After his cries, neighbors also reached and the Chutia police were informed about the incident. On getting the information, the Chutia police reached. When the police went from Praveen’s room, there was a suicide note written in three words in his study table. In which Good bye… Simmi (name changed) was written. A ring was placed over the suicide note.

Police can also interrogate the girl
The police have seized the suicide note and the ring. Police is probing the matter by linking it with a love affair. The police have also seized the mobile phone of the deceased student Praveen Kerketta. The police is now preparing to get the call details from his mobile phone so that it can be known that the girl he was in love with.

There was no dispute with him before committing suicide. Apart from this, whom did he talk to before he died? Police will also interrogate his family members. The police can also interrogate the girl whose name he has written on the suicide note.

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