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Federation of Residents Associations (Fora) President R.P. Putting a question mark on the failures of the Haryana Urban Development Authority, Malhotra said that on one hand we are working on the roadmap of Smart City. On the other hand, if there is any interruption in the power supply, then the residents of Panchkula yearn for every drop of water.

The night of a recent storm made the townspeople tormented for every drop of water. Haryana Urban Development Authority has generators in Sector 8 but it is a matter of regret that they are not in working condition. Even if there is electricity, there is no water supply. Condemning the negativity of the system, Malhotra said that God is the owner of the upper floors.

The condition of water pressure on the ground floor is pathetic. Only assurances are given on complaints. The result was silence. Fora President R.P. Malhotra said that HSVP should strengthen its functioning and first of all, the pressure of supply of drinking water should be ensured that water can fill the storage tanks kept on the third floor.

It should also be ensured that the water supply is never affected due to interruption in power supply. For this, the generators that are closed should be made in running condition.

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