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Suranjan Mishra

  • Suicide note found in pocket parents, brother misunderstood me

Suranjan Mishra, who committed a live suicide by making a video call to his girlfriend in the Sakchi BJP office, has been made an accused in the case of Arms Act in Sakchi police station. On the statement of Dhananjay Rai, resident of Ulidih Shankosai Road, a case has been registered against Mama Suranjan Mishra for shooting himself with an illegal weapon. In the case, the police is investigating from whom Suranjan Mishra took the weapon. A country-made pistol, pill pellet, mobile, blood sample, a bottle of liquor lying under the table and a suicide note found from the left pant of the deceased have been seized from the spot.

It was written in the suicide note – His parents and brother always misunderstood. Never believed in that. No one understood his love. I am leaving my life. The police are treating it as a suicide after getting the note. The technical cell will also check the call details of the mobile on the instructions of the senior police officers.

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