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  • Today In Chandigarh, People Above 18 Years Of Age Will Get The Vaccine At 13 Places, So Far About 6 Lakh People Have Got It.

Chandigarha few moments ago

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Every day 5 to 7 thousand people are being vaccinated in the city. file photo

Vaccination work is going on fast in the city regarding corona infection. Today health department teams are reaching 13 different places in the city to administer the vaccine. On behalf of the department, 6 to 7 thousand people are being vaccinated daily at various vaccination centers in the city. On behalf of the Health Department, camps are now being set up at many such places where people can come comfortably and apply the vaccine.

Vaccine being administered today at these places in the city

Community Centre, Sector-25

Sukhna Lake at 6 am and then at 5 pm

Press Club,Sector-27B

Government High School,Sector 29A

Radhaswami Satsang Sector 27D

Sant Nirankari Bhawan, Molly Jagran

Sewa Dham-Indian Development Council

Indian Medical Association,Sector-35B

Nagar Kheda Mandir, Sector-45 Burail

Government High School, Dhanas

Government High School, Vikas Nagar, Mauli Jagran

Government Model School,Housing Complex,Manimajra

During the last 24 hours, 5561 people got the vaccine in the city. The work of vaccination to health care workers and front line workers is more than 95%. In health care workers, 25551 have received the first dose and 16073 have received the second dose. Among the front line workers, 23196 got the first dose and 16081 got the second dose. 219003 people aged 18 to 44 got the first dose and 1568 got the second dose. 45 to 60 years old 128389 got the first dose and 31107 got the second dose. 82445 above 60 years got the first dose and 42883 got the second dose. In this way 586296 people have been dosed in the city.

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