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  • Four And A Half Inches Of Rain Fell In 42 Hours, The Level Of The Creeks Increased, So Far In August 174 Mm Of Rain; Less Than Last Year

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In this way the clouds covered the sky, it was raining.

It has been raining in the city for the last two days due to the arrival of the low pressure system in the Bay of Bengal in Gujarat. This has made the matter pleasant. The temperature has also dropped by 4 degrees. From 12 o’clock on Tuesday night to 6 o’clock in the evening, ie, there has been four and a half inches of rain in 42 hours. Till 8 pm on Wednesday night, there was three and a half inches of rain in 18 hours.

It rained a quarter inch on Thursday. There is a possibility of heavy rain on Friday as well. This season it rained 5 inches on June 17, 3 inches on June 25 and 5 inches on July 18. After that 3 inches of rain fell on 18th August. The water level in the creeks of the city has started rising due to incessant rains. The rain continued till Thursday night.

Mercury dropped by 4 degrees in 2 days
Due to rain, the maximum temperature dropped by more than 4 degrees in two days. However, the minimum temperature rose by 1 degree. According to the Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature on Thursday was 27.2 degrees, the minimum temperature was 25 degrees. The wind blew at a speed of 2 kmph.

Mithikhadi near danger level
In the last 36 hours in the district, due to heavy rains, the water level in the creeks of the city has started rising. On Thursday evening, the water level of Kakra Bay was 0.50 m, Bhedwad 0.20 m, 0.85 m, Bhathena 0.20 m and Seemada 1.50 m.

Sealing of 70 year old house broken, rescued two trapped people
The ceiling of the second floor of a 70-year-old two-storey house located on Navsari Bazar Court Safeel Road was broken. Some people got out, but two people were trapped. He was rescued by the fire brigade. Nagindas Rana, who lives on rent in this house, said that I informed the Municipal Corporation many times about its dilapidation, but no action was taken. According to the fire brigade, the ceiling was broken at 4:00 am. No casualties were caused by this.

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