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After getting freed, former MLA reached Ranchi with the victim

  • Every time the sister-in-law promised a better future and got the job of a maid
  • Preparation of case on the accused couple of Simdega

Another daughter from Jharkhand has become a victim of human trafficking. But this time there is no pimp, but his maternal sister and brother-in-law, who is spreading darkness in his life by showing golden dreams. This 20-year-old Sonahatu girl, who lived a hellish life for four years, was first sold for a year in Noida, then Ghaziabad, then Faridabad and Bangalore. Every time the sister-in-law promised a better future and got the job of a maid.

He was also going to be sold on Tuesday (July 6), but in the meantime Amit Mahto, the former MLA of Silli, reached Bangalore and after getting him freed with the help of the police, reached Ranchi by plane on Wednesday, then took him to Sonahatu. After that it was handed over to his parents. Actually, the victim’s maternal sister Reena Kerketta, resident of Simdega and her husband made all this trap. Preparations are on to register an FIR against them.

Victim’s words – Didi-brother-in-law sold first in Noida, then in Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Bangalore, always kept under strict vigil

The victim told that her cousin and sister-in-law took her to Delhi on the pretext of getting a job of Rs 25,000. Taking them into confidence, both took them to a house in Noida. He left there saying that the job was confirmed. Later the house owner told that it has been sold for a year. Now I have to work as a maid. He didn’t believe it. After a year, suddenly both of them arrived and took them to Ghaziabad saying good job. There also he was made to do domestic work. After passing a year there, it was again taken to Faridabad in Haryana and sold. She stayed there for a year and a half, then her sister-in-law took her to Bangalore and sold her. She had been there for six months now. Meanwhile, the call of former MLA Amit Mahto came to him. When he narrated the whole story, Amit assured to get them free soon. On Tuesday, when she heard that she was being sold again, she informed Amit about this and escaped after getting the chance. Maintained contact with Amit via phone. Meanwhile, Amit reached Bangalore and brought him to Ranchi. Wherever it was sold, it was kept under strict vigil. Calling was forbidden. Had to talk secretly.

Victim’s mother had sought help by contacting former MLA

The victim’s mother told that in occasional conversations over the phone, the daughter had told about selling her as a maid on a bluff. For six months, the daughter had spoken only once or twice, due to which the mind was surrounded by apprehensions. Upset, she met former MLA Amit Mahto and sought help. After this, the phone number of the daughter was also given. After talking to the victim on the same phone number, Amit Mahato left for Bengaluru on Tuesday morning along with his aide to rescue her.

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