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Police have started action by registering a case against unknown thieves. – symbolic photo

Industrialist Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance came under attack in the farmers’ movement Jio New trouble has come for Infocom company in Punjab. Precious batteries are being stolen from their mobile towers. In Jalandhar alone, there have been two such incidents in Patara and Maqsood. Due to which the company has suffered a loss of 5 lakhs. Police have registered a case against unknown thieves in this case but their trace has not been found.

6 batteries stolen from two towers

reliance Jio According to Sachin Kumar, the legal manager of Punjab circle of Punjab, his company’s tower is installed in Maqsood. Technician Hardeep Singh, posted there, told that 3 batteries have been stolen from JIO’s tower in village Nussi. Whose cost is about two and a half lakh rupees. Similarly, 3 batteries were also stolen from the tower on the Chandpur Jati road from Patara. The information of which was given to him by Naresh Kumar, the technician posted on him. After which the police was informed about it.

JIO tower was the target of farmers, incidents of sabotage stopped after strictness

Reliance in Punjab in protest against Central Government’s agricultural reform law Jio K towers had been the target of farmers. About 1,500 towers were vandalized. The tower was blown up in Kang Sabu area of ​​Jalandhar. The farmers argued that Mukesh Ambani is also one of the industrialists who have been made to benefit this agrarian reform law. However, after Punjab CM These incidents stopped when Captain Amarinder Singh’s government started registering pamphlets. At the same time, the issue of online education of children was also raised due to the stagnation of people’s connections.

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