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For the visit of the President, preparations are going on in full swing in the whole city, but the main place where the work should be done is not being done. No work is being done to repair the broken pole of the ridge ground. The cracks are continuously increasing here, but tarring is being done at some places in the ridge ground where patch work is not required. In such a situation, lip-painting is being done to show a good image, but no one cares about the submerged ridge.

The President can also visit the Ridge ground during his visit, so if he sees the sunken ridge, it can bring shame to the city of Shimla. Since 2011, no concerted effort has been made to repair this sunken part. The condition of the ridge ground in the bureaucracy is such that neither metalling has been done on it nor is any work being done to fill the cracks.

Debris and stones are also being removed from the roads: Roads have also started getting repaired for the President’s visit. Apart from this, debris and stones are also being removed from place to place on the roads. The MC will also remove illegally put up posters and hoardings in the city. GAD will also conduct rehearsals before the President’s visit.

Where will the convoy of the President pass, where will the traffic be stopped, whose vehicles will be in the convoy, all this will be checked so that there is no obstruction on the day of the visit. 100 vehicles will be kept in reserve for the convoy and security of the President. The General Administration Department has ordered vehicles from all the departments. From education, health to every department, vehicles will be engaged in preparing for the President’s visit.

Work has not progressed beyond paper for 10 years
The campaign to save the ridge has been going on for 10 years, but it seems to be limited to paper. This time till April 15, the PWD had talked about tendering, but on the pretext of Corona, they did not tender. Now when the tender was done, it was found that there is no forest clearance. It is the responsibility of the corporation to take forest clearance. But the corporation is also not serious about this, so far it has not been able to get the clearance from the forest.

Ridge repair work will start soon
Mayor Satya Kandal says that the repair work of the ridge will start soon. At present the sheets have been removed from the broken part of the ridge. In the coming days, as soon as forest clearance is received, PWD will start its work. We have also sent a letter to the government for this.

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