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picture of the dead.

  • After a domestic dispute, Sangeeta left the house on Tuesday night with three children.
  • In the afternoon, when a woman went to the well to get water, the cry of the child was heard, then informed the villagers.

A woman jumped into a well with her three children in village Khandi under the police station area. Two children including a woman died in the incident, while a child survived by holding a stone in the well. The incident is said to have happened at 3.30 pm on Wednesday. The names of the deceased include Sangeeta Devi (34), her daughter Srishti Kumari (7), son Prince Kumar (3). While the elder son Piyush Kumar (5) survived the incident. According to the information, Sangeeta Devi had left the house on Tuesday night after a domestic dispute.

On Wednesday morning, the mother-in-law of the deceased had filed an application in Chandwara police station and filed a complaint regarding the missing along with three children of her daughter-in-law. At the same time, around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, a woman from the village went to the well to get water when she heard the cry of children in the well. After which the woman made a ruckus and informed the villagers. The villagers who reached the spot saw that the bodies of women and children were floating in the well. While a child was crying holding the stone in the well. After which the villagers took out the crying children. After that, the dead woman and child were taken out of the well and informed the police.

Married in 2002, husband works in a private company in Delhi

The woman was married in 2002 with village resident Mukesh Yadav. The husband of the deceased works in a private company in Delhi. The woman lived in the house with her mother-in-law, father-in-law, two gotanis and two brothers-in-law. In relation to the incident, the station in-charge, Soni Pratap told that the incident was reported by villager Vijay Yadav that the woman had jumped into the well with three children, he said that it was learned from the neighboring villagers that the woman was missing from the house after a family dispute. It was done After the incident, the police have kept both the gotanis including the mother-in-law of the deceased in the police station for questioning. The house of the deceased is in custody. After the information of the incident, the family members of the deceased reached the spot. Till late evening, no case was registered in the police station regarding the incident.

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