Kim Kardashian ‘threatening’ Kourtney to expose her ‘bluff’ amid heated feud

Kim Kardashian is sure her sister Kourtney Kardashian will never leave their globally famous reality TV show The Kardashians.

The Skims founder knows that Kourtney is only threatening to quit the show to get back at her but she’s prepared to expose her “bluff,” an insider spilt to Heat Magazine.

Speaking of the rift between the sisters, an insider told the publication that Kris Jenner is worried that Kourtney leaving the show would be a “dagger blow to the brand.”

Hence, the momager has offered her daughter “a bigger slice of the franchise, which will involve more decision-making and extra bonuses, especially if she agrees to a ‘Kravis’ spin-off show.”

“Kris told her that Kim will be put in her place, and won’t be allowed to gang up on Kourtney ever again,” the insider revealed. “It’s something Kourt’s considering.”

As for Kim Kardashian, she knows Kourtney will never leave the show. “Kim can see right through Kourtney and doesn’t believe for one second that she’d actually leave,” the insider said.

“She would love to call Kourtney’s bluff, but Kris won’t do it as she’s desperate to keep her in the fold,” the source said before sharing that Kim will find another way to diss Kourtney.

“Since Kim can’t get her way, she’s finding other ways to get under Kourtney’s skin, like threatening to launch her own wellness brand,” the tipster said.

Kim “knows how territorial Kourtney is when it comes to [her wellness brand] Poosh,” the insider added.

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